Julien Lemoine

Expert in software architectures and advanced algorithms


I am an entrepreneur with a strong background in algorithms (text mining, data mining, web mining, artificial intelligence, ...) and data structure (full-text and semantic index, nosql index, database, knowledge base, ...).

I am the co-founder & CTO of Algolia, a software editor focused on helping mobile developer to create better apps.

I developed the technology of SpeedSuggest a software company specialized in auto complete with a technology that can handle more than 100k queries/s on one core with approximate (levenshtein distance, more complex than SQL LIKE queries)

You can also have a look on my LinkedIn profile.

Technical skills

I am specialized in writing & running large-scale distributed systems that contains advanced algorithms with fault tolerance and scalability.

I like to have a deep understanding of the entire technology stack, from on-wire protocols and low-level implementation details all the way up to high-level designs used in high-availability distributed systems (both in software and in the datacenter).

I have very good adaptability skill and I can learn new technologies, languages and platforms fast and efficiently.

Management skills

I have management skills and ability to collaborate in a team as well as skills to elaborate long term product strategy in line with market perspectives.

I was CTO of an international software company based in Paris, France

Association & Open Source

I participate and participated in several open-source projects, you can find more information in the Open-Source section.

I administrate severals dedicated server (with and without virtualization) as well as cloud VM